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SARS CoV-2 / CoViD-19 - I feel that you deserve to be treated with human dignity and that rationality is a virtue.  Therefore, I DO NOT use any purported protective gear nor do I require that clients do so during in-person sessions.

Child Custody

Life Coaching


The child custody decision of a judge likely won't be what you want.  Very likely, as numerous judges have told me, their decisions won't be what either parent wants.  The best decisions are usually made when parents work together to find a solution.  But when that does not happen I am here to help.

About Life Coaching



Life can be difficult enough at times without the added burden of a child custody conflict.  The stress of court proceedings, loss of contact with your child, and financial hardships can seem overwhelming.

Just as one may do in sports or business ventures the assistance of coach may prove to be the necessary step.  A life coach can help you integrate the various aspects of life into a workable plan that helps you meet your goals.

Legal Services



Attorneys are trained in the law -- a technical set of rules and procedures.  However, child custody cases are not like fighting an insurance company over a claim.  When developing a legal strategy for a child custody case it is essential that a parent’s personality and behaviours as well as the long-term parent-child relationship be considered.  Knowing these, what judges prefer, and possibly modifying them will impact how the immediate case proceeds.




Mr Showalter has developed a series of topic specific tutorials for you to view at no charge.  These brief videos provide basic information to you about various aspects of your life which you may be seeking to improve.  

Explore ways to manage finances, reduce stress, improve relationships, increase physical fitness, and create a more positive outcome for you and your child.

I switched hosting in September 2020 and am currently in the process of rebuilding the entire site.  Some pages are not fully functional. 16/09/20


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