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Since 2008 I have been periodically writing about issues related to child custody and the various integrated aspects of life.  On this page I have provided links to some of the most relevant postings divided into subject groups. 12/12

Child Custody


Motion to Restrict, Terminate or have Supervised Parenting Time - Indiana Code 31-17-4-1(a)

Does your social media footprint damage your child custody case?

Spurious claims, accepting responsibility, and high conflict child custody cases

The nexus between your child custody order and a 24-Hour allergy relief drug

Properly Packing your Parachute - Effectively Proceeding through a Child Custody Case

Modifying your child custody and support in this new year; or Why a parent may tell you to &%$# off

Indiana Court of Appeal Reverses Shared Parenting Order Today

The forthcoming ramifications of Artificial Humans and Child Custody decisions

Inducing action to improve Child Custody outcomes by identifying a need

Is custody of children generally taken away or relinquished?

Understanding the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company fallacy and how this misattribution affects contested child custody cases

Enforcement of Indiana Parenting Time Orders - What do you need?

Indiana Father gets full custody plus 100% of Parenting Time then COMPLAINS about it

Res Judicata in a Domestic Violence Protection Order [DVPO] Indiana opinion and its application to Child Custody Modification - Abuse of Civil Protection Order Act

If this offends you then your child custody case may have a problem

Contempt of Court Jail Sentence when Child Refuses Parenting Time Upheld - Indiana Court of Appeals

The reasons that men, especially fathers vying for child custody, should be supporting feminism

A fully integrated analysis of child custodian behavioural risks when pursuing child custody modification

Parenting Time Exchange Protocol - Indiana Parents, Practitioners and Judges

The Objective Morality Applied to Contested Child Custody Cases: A Strategy for Obtaining Parenting Time and your Child's Well-Being

The Maternal Preference in Child Custody Cases: Harm to Women and Children

Assessing Parents, Assessing Each Other and Evolving Perceptions in a High Conflict Custody Battle

Courts, Lawyers & Judges


Indiana Court of Appeals Issues Published Opinion on When the Right to Counsel Applies in Child Support Contempt Hearings

SARS CoV-2 / Covid-19 Quarantine Efficacy and Civil Rights​

Indianapolis GAL and Perjurer Del Anderson fired by Child Advocates, Inc.

Preparation, Experts, Trial Procedure and Risking your Parent-Child Relationship in a Custody Hearing

The Importance of Timing and Preserving Issues for Appeal

Indiana Supreme Court upholds conviction for public condemnation of players in Indiana child custody case - Interview of Dan Brewington

Contempt of Court Jail Sentence when Child Refuses Parenting Time Upheld - Indiana Court of Appeals

How to win an Appeal of an Indiana Child Custody or Parenting Time Order

Indiana Appellate Attorney [Russell B. Cate] Incompetence can Ruin your Child Custody Case

Courts rules are set-up to impede the truth

Winning a Child Custody and Support Appeal Requires a Proper Trial Court Foundation

Indiana Judge Thomas Newman chided by Court of Appeals for denying parenting time to father in order issued “Because I said so”

Indiana Court of Appeals affirms that having Father’s role in child’s life continually diminished by Mother is not in the child’s best interests; Two petition to relocate denials upheld

Indiana Appellate Rule 9(A): Timeliness of Notice of Appeal - A primer for attorneys and pro se litigants on the recent opinions for saving a late appeal from jurisdictional dismissal

The Importance of Timing and Preserving Issues for Appeal

Is the relationship with your child worth following the Indiana Rules of Appellate Procedure?

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