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Life Coaching & Counseling
Divorce, separation, or conflicts over raising children can be stressful on parents.  Just like with the death of a loved one or the loss of a home to natural disaster the breakdown in these relationships can also produce grief.  The experience of grief and the perceived potential loss of the parent-child relationship can be extremely difficult for parents experiencing child custody conflicts.
My counseling and coaching helps parents manage the legal case along with their anxiety, health, finances, employment, and other aspects of life so they may fully experience life while improving the parent-child relationship. 
Legal Assistance
Although I am not licensed to practice law I am able to do much of the work that attorneys do including writing motions, interviewing witnesses, formulating strategy, and doing legal research.  I am particularly skilled at preserving matters for appeal and writing appeals.
Critical to child custody cases is integrating the social and behavioural aspects of parenting and the parent-child relationship into the legal framework under which attorneys have been trained.
For me to do legal case work, however, I must work under an attorney.
Free Tutorials
I provide free access to my Life Coaching tutorials to any one.  These tutorials cover a broad range of subjects which are integrated into the overall life experience and particularly child custody cases.
Although they are presented in a particular order it is not essential that they be read in that order.
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